Nashville, Tenn. -- Irene Williams, owner of digital marketing & PR firm Msg2Mkt, LLC, will present “Move Over Millennials: Are You Ready to Market to & Employ Gen Z” at NeoCon 2019. The presentation is slated for Sunday, June 9 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 6-180A at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Williams, based in Nashville, Tenn., has led brand messaging, marketing, and publicity campaigns for businesses for more than 20 years and has emphasized digital, mobile, and social media strategies for her clients for 10+ years. Her forward-focus approach to business is what led her to turn attention to the emerging post-millennial generation, commonly referred to as Gen Z.

“The time is now to be ready for Gen Z—for employers and marketers. Already, the oldest members of this cohort are entering the workforce. By next year, this generation will represent 40% of the marketplace with $44 billion buying power,” said Williams. “Gen Z is poised to be bigger and more influential than Millennials. We’ve got to be ready to relate.”

In addition to her presentation on selling to and employing Gen Z, Williams is offering consultation and strategy sessions for businesses that are serious about getting ready for this up-and-coming generation.

“We are living in a generationally diverse marketplace. It’s imperative that leaders understand how Gen Zers not only fit into the mix but how they will change it. Then we can get practical and tactical, welcoming new approaches and opportunities that will be beneficial across all generations,” Williams added.

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