During the selling process, it is important to sell yourself. But keep in mind the customer is buying more than you; they are buying your whole team. When or if your customer decides to purchase from your company, she will have to weave through a series of new people. So, it is essential to prove that your personnel will go the extra mile. At some point in our presentations, we must establish the service and integrity of our store. 

In any sales presentation, every customer should be asked this simple basic question: “How much do you know about my company?” The likely answer is, “not much.” So, listen to her response and add, “Let me cover a few things I think you will find important.” 

Tell your company’s story. One visual tool is to create a company leaflet. Show your years in business (if significant), your beginnings and history of your company with warranties and guarantees. Do not just hand the customer the leaflet—make it a priority to point out the highlights of the leaflet.

If you are a member of a buying group, be sure to partner with your franchise. If your franchise provides brochures, be sure and use them. Still, even those stores who member with buying groups need to expand upon their own individual merits and company philosophy. 

Otherwise, if you are not a member of a buying cooperative, develop your own brochures and guides with your company logo displayed prominently on the covers. 

Begin your leaflet with your company’s mission statement on the front cover. Here is an example of a mission statement:

Custom Flooring Mission Statement

We focus on giving you‚ our customers, the positive shopping experience you deserve. We will accomplish this in an environment that values and respects the varied backgrounds of all people. Custom Flooring’s success and that of our employees is based on our core values of honesty, integrity, and challenging work. Our vision is to be a leading, full-service flooring contractor as defined by the customers we serve. Our ultimate mission is to create a better future—for our customers, for our people, for our company and for our community. 

After your mission statement, here is a passage of an opening paragraph to your services: “Welcome to Custom Flooring. We are a locally owned flooring and carpet store serving the __ area. Our extensive choice of products and in-home service is designed to meet all your floor covering needs. We specialize in hardwood flooring, laminates, luxury vinyl tile and carpet, as well as ceramic and sheet vinyl. At Custom Flooring, our motto is simple: “Provide the best service, the largest selection and the lowest prices anywhere!”

Here are some other wording examples concerning your company’s advantages and abilities to include in your company leaflet: 

Locally Owned Advantage: Custom Flooring is locally owned, so you are sure to enjoy an exclusive level of tailored services unmatched by home improvement centers and other flooring stores. By shopping locally at Custom Flooring, you are supporting your local community and creating a stronger economy for your neighbors and friends.

Our Staff: We are staffed by flooring experts who constantly stay abreast of the flooring trends and technology of our industry. Our knowledgeable staff has extensive experience in flooring design and quality to help you select the right floor for your business, home, lifestyle and budget. Our consultants can help you narrow possibilities until the very best option is clear. And, regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured it’s backed by a proven brand.

Product Listings and Brands: Here at Custom Flooring, we take pride in the quality of our products. Choose from a vast selection of name brands and generic options on all types of flooring. Our motto at Custom Flooring is, “You Can Have It All!”  See our product listings shown separately. 

Manufacture Wear and Defect Warranties: Wear and defect warranties are offered on every product to make sure you enjoy years of performance from your new floor. If there’s a warranty issue or you need a replacement as the result of a defect, look to us to take care of it. We take dealing with manufacturers and installers out of the equation, offering a simple solution to the problem. When buying a flooring product from us, you can be assured it is backed by a great warranty and the integrity of our company. 

Installation Guarantee: We have complete confidence in our work. But if you ever have installation-related concerns, we’ll take care of it at our expense. Besides factory warranties on all of our products, we also guarantee all labor for up to a full year. Our professional installers will make sure the job is done right. 

Price Protection Guarantee: In addition to quality, we also provide you with a best price guarantee. If you find a lower price on the same brand and style product within 30 days after your purchase, we will cheerfully refund the difference. 

(The specifics of these warranties and guarantees can be adjusted to the comfort level of your company).

Develop “How to Buy” and “What to Expect” pamphlets for every type of product and installation. For example, if the product is carpet, discuss “How to Buy” topics concerning styles, backings, weight, fiber types, paddings. “What to Expect” topics will be about seams, moving furniture and appliances, removal of old flooring, doors, wall hangings and breakables in addition to the need for heating and electricity.

In a separate portfolio, supply pictures of your work on all product types. Also, have a book of customer testimonials as a byproduct of customer surveys required after each installation. In doing these things, you are creating a favorable store reputation and you will be un-selling your competitors with professionalism rarely shown by your competition. 

When selling your company, it starts with an attractive and organized showroom. Your showroom should express a good sensory experience. Is your showroom tidy and clean? Does it smell good? Fingerprints all over the glass doors are a first sign of an unkempt store. Do you have adequate lighting? Are your samples in their place, with samples coordinated by color when possible? Is your merchandise priced? Are there places to sit down? Are installer certifications prominently displayed on the wall at eye level? Are your bathrooms clean? (Outside services can help with this). And, don’t forget to dress appropriately; you are part of your showroom. All these advantages are part of a first impression that sticks with the customer.

Make sure there are enough employees. If your customers cannot get help, they’ll turn to an online service which will get them assistance and probably the sale. You staff for the rush, not the full day. 

Retail exteriors that are visually attractive and appealing are a big draw. Is your exterior paint worn? Does your outdoor signage have light bulbs that are out? Make sure you rotate the wording on your marquee sign every three days. (Do not put “installers wanted” on your marquee).

Make sure all of your employees are trained in customer service. Many retail organizations think retail salespeople are the only ones who need to excel at customer service. However, customer service involves anyone who answers the phone, or any employee who may at any time be in contact with the customer. In short, anyone who serves the customer must understand common courtesies and the philosophy of putting the customer first. 

Most customers today begin their shopping experience online. Make sure you create a unified transition between shopping on your website and shopping in your store. Does your store have a different look than your website? 

Look at your store with a critical eye and imagine you are the customer. Observe how your store looks, sounds, even smells. Do you have relaxed music suitable to everyone? Something as simple as adding comfortable chairs where customers and friends can relax will make an enormous difference in how much time customers spend with you. 

Good selling to you.