When Mohawk launched Pergo Extreme over the summer, specialty retailers eagerly anticipated the opportunity to exclusively sell a rigid-core luxury vinyl with a well-known brand name, exceptional performance, and on-trend styling. 

Pergo Extreme, which debuted with 60 high-end wood and stone visuals across four collections, was offered exclusively to Mohawk Edge partners. The objective was to give Edge retailers something unique that consumers couldn’t find anywhere else, paired with masterful marketing and merchandising support that would help the retail sales associate close more sales. 

“We are pleased that Pergo Extreme is generating a lot of interest with our retail customers—they seem to recognize and trust the brand,” said Kelly Cosgrove, flooring buyer, HOM Furniture in Minneapolis. “Our retail sales associates also appreciate having this premium brand option that has limited distribution, is different than what they have been selling, and is easy to present as a premium quality flooring option to their customers. We advertise Karastan, Mohawk and SmartStrand brands heavily in our market, and see the Pergo Extreme brand as a new opportunity to draw customers into our stores.”

Calling it “the strongest hard surface brand in the industry,” Mohawk consumer research shows that Pergo is the strongest hard surface brand in the industry. It is a brand desired by active families with pets who want a high-end look and a worry-free floor. 

“Pergo Extreme is our largest LVT launch ever, and we are offering deeper visuals, deeper protection and a deeper warranty,” said Jason Sims, director of brand marketing. “With its brand power and product differentiation, Pergo Extreme is a win-win for Mohawk, our valued retail partners and, most importantly, families looking for worry-free flooring solutions.”

The brand had gained traction through decades of sales of the Pergo laminate flooring product sold through home centers. By launching Pergo Extreme, Mohawk aimed to leverage this amazing brand recognition by expanding the brand to rigid-core LVT, giving dealers a compelling story to tell—and stylish and durable product to sell. Sims said Pergo has the power to trade consumer out of different flooring categories and offers the RSA the opportunity to trade consumers up to better price points. 

“The quality is very good, and the visuals are very good,” said Elisabeth Stubbs, owner of Enhance Floors in Marietta, Ga. “We are exclusively residential replacement, and we have a lot of clients with dogs and pet owners who traditionally gravitated toward laminate because it’s scratch resistant. I find with LVT in general that the client has a color, texture, or design they are interested in and will literally go rack to rack until they find the one that’s right.”

To support its retailers, Mohawk created dynamic in-store merchandising, such as flexible and modular displays and point-of-purchase kits, which include high-end graphics, wall art and floor decals.

“The display is good because it’s lower, which gives you more flexibility of where you can put it—you don’t have to put it up against the wall,” Stubbs said. She also said that installation of Pergo Extreme on her showroom floor has helped customers experience how durable the product feels underfoot. This show-and-tell of performance helps consumers understand why they should trade up, particularly when comparing it to other LVT options in the market. 

Another tool in the sales arsenal, Mohawk sent demonstration kits to retailers that help show customers Pergo Extreme’s indentation resistance. Stubbs said the Pergo demo helps her team close the sale, but only after her team has steered them toward selecting the product right style them. “Once we know that the customer is in love with a certain style, we will bring out the demo kit to show how durable Pergo Extreme is.” 

Mohawk aims to drive sales for Pergo Extreme to specialty retail through intensive marketing investments. The company is matching the advertising dollars that Edge partners have committed to spend locally in support of the Pergo Extreme campaign. In addition, Mohawk continues to invest heavily in a consumer-focused messaging through its Pergo “Go Life” national advertising campaign. 

“This campaign has been designed to reach busy families and let them know they should never have to worry about their floor,” Sims said. “They can drop, drag, drench and dance as they please. Life doesn’t stop and neither should their floor. Hence the name, Go Life.”

To make sure the campaign reaches households and generates interest, Mohawk is investing in always-on media to ensure the message is delivered at precisely the right moment in a consumer’s shopping journey. When consumers go online, they are met with videos, engaging social media content and search and influencer campaigns. When they goes in store, Mohawk will continue the story on its Pergo Extreme merchandising displays.

This campaign runs across a variety of channels, including traditional media—television, radio and shelter magazines—digital campaigns through Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and display ads on popular consumer sites, such as BHG.com, HGTV.com and GoodHousekeeping.com. 

“The goal is to keep Pergo Extreme top-of-mind for consumers as they search for flooring options,” Sims said. “We’re continuing to build upon the strength of Pergo by investing in ways to keep the brand and product top of mind for consumers. We’re going to continue to capture consumers at multiple touchpoints to drive demand. It’s all about creating a seamless shopping experience—one that brings the product to life online and in store with a consistent message.”

Once the consumer is funneled to an Edge Retailer—so far, about 1,500 retailers carry the product—she sees eye-catching point-of-purchase signage that echoes the imagery and messaging she saw online. The retail sales associate has the opportunity to walk the customer through style, performance features, and the “Worry-Free for Life” warranty, which is the only dent-proof, 100% kid and pet-proof and 100% waterproof warranty.

“We are a small town and live in a rural community that doesn’t always have a lot of money to spend,” said Shannon Cook, office manager, Nevin’s Floor Covering in Menomonie, Wis. “It’s been selling well, but we have to find the right clients for it.”