From the beginning, Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors has held these core values as important to the culture and future of the company. Mike and Yvonne Castelli founded the business in 1988 as a two-person team that sold and installed mostly residential projects in San Diego. Their attention to building relationships and first-rate service positioned them for explosive growth into the commercial market. In late 2008, Josh Castelli, Mike’s cousin, and Brian Boek, a longtime friend, began focusing on the commercial segment of the business, particularly in the government market. From learning to interpret complicated request for proposals to the navigating the complex reporting requirements, they began to establish long-lasting relationships that resulted in contracts throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Using this model, Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors has rapidly grown in annual revenue, personnel, and services in all market segments. Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors is now an industry leader in the marketplace and provides all types of commercial and residential flooring, including tile, exterior veneers, and polished. They are also a National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) 5 Star Tile Contractor and were awarded the 2018 Commercial Project of the Year. 

Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors strives to live out their core values daily with one another internally and to their customers and suppliers. These are constant topics in project meetings, in the field, among the staff, and when hiring. When situations arise with personnel or project difficulties, one of the questions is “how does this situation or person align with the company’s values?” 

  • Relationships that serve others, encourage growth and create loyalty
  • Integrity means keeping our word and doing the right thing
  • Details. Focus on the little things, check and re-check
  • Excellence comes from exceeding expectations and continuing to improve

The key strength of Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors is their people, which includes more than 150 team members including office and field staff. Continual training, safety incentives, weekly production planning and project meetings, and a monthly pot-luck lunch improve morale and keep the details at the forefront. Another important part of Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors is their Employee Care and Corporate Chaplain who regularly visits the office and field to provide emotional support, counseling, and encouragement to the team members as it is needed. 

A topic that is often discussed in many business conferences is the dynamic of an aging workforce and the younger generations that are beginning their business career. Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors is blessed to have people with more than 40 years in the industry that are nearing retirement as well as growing number that have recently graduated from high school or college. Preparing the next generations for leadership and craftsmanship requires constant attention in the office and in the field. 

Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors believes that profits and caring for employees are inextricably linked. Processes, procedures, revenue, human resources, difficult decisions, planning, and communication are all part of developing a business. However, when people are valued and a serve-others mentality is at the forefront, profits follow.