HMTX Industries showcased all of its brands under one umbrella for the first time at Domotex 2020 here in January, demonstrating the breadth of innovation it offers to customers globally. 

“This was a big, important, and considered decision to show at this scale, the size and confidence that people should have in our company,” HMTX CEO Harlan Stone told Floor Trends. “In Europe, they don’t know—Metroflor, our LifeProof brand from Halstead, and Teknoflor are part of our group. We always showed here as Vertex and Aspecta, but we felt that was the time for us to show our breadth. The Metroflor brand is exciting to our European customers; Teknoflor is finding tremendous opportunity to partner with Aspecta customers because they have high-end commercial sales, and they need a broader selection of products. It’s a coming out party.”

While HMTX is sourced and sold across the globe, Stone said the company continues to build its global business at a much faster rate than its North American business.

“We’re pretty mature in North America,” Stone said. “We have a set distributor base, we have a set home center customer, and we’re very happy with that. Of course, you want to expand our sales penetration, but we are not looking for new customers. At a show like this, we are looking for all new countries.”

Aspecta presented hospitality solutions in a hotel room vignette and featured a range of Aspecta contract floors. The new Aspecta Contours collection debuted with four patterned floor designs available in eight colors that enable architects and designers to apply traditional parquet motifs in a larger scale more suitable for both commercial and residential settings. The booth will also previewed Aspecta’s new bio-based chlorine-free flooring.

Metroflor spotlighted its Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology. Licensed from Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS), the Attraxion-branded LVT enables the rapid installation of flooring by creating a magnetic attachment utilizing MBS MagneBuild magnetic underlayment. The Teknoflor Coordination Collection demonstrated how different flooring elements coordinate to allow designers to customize projects ranging from patient rooms to offices.

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