RollMaster Software is rolling out a powerful new integrated solution designed to allow their software clients to automatically connect with their customers for appointment reminders and installation scheduling changes via text messaging. The goal of the integration is to keep install crews busy by avoiding down-time from cancellations.  

The new app comes with a Dashboard and functionality that also allows for direct text communication with customers as replies, or even text messages from customers that come in directly rather than via a phone call. This includes managing rescheduling or cancellation requests prior to the day of the originally scheduled installation. 

Kelly Oechslin, product marketing manager for RollMaster Software says, “While the initial release phase is focused on installation scheduling, the feature will continue to add value through additional features for texting product images to clients and utilizing chat capabilities on our customer’s websites.”  

RollMaster Software clients utilizing this integration will receive message alerts when they’re logged into RM Text Alert, or in real-time via email to ensure prompt response times. 

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