To help ease the process for selecting carpet, manufacturers have introduced new soft-surface selling systems aimed at speeding up the consumer sales cycle. 

At the Shaw Floor Network Convention, Shaw Floors unveiled a new sales approach to the consumer’s journey named “Shop Your Lifestyle. Shop Your Way”. This modern take on how consumers shop boasts simple product selection aimed at easing decision fatigue by simplifying the process that homeowners go through to narrow down the products that work best for their life.

The system works like this: First, consumers narrow down which Shaw Floors collection is right for them by pinpointing their lifestyle needs and desired way to shop. Then, let them browse a curated selection of floors aligned with their design preferences and lifestyle needs. First Home flooring features stylish for any budget. Active Pet Home products are designed with performance in mind to combat puppy paws, kitty claws, and muddy boots, while Forever Home flooring features higher-end product offerings from the brand’s portfolio. 

“‘Shop Your Lifestyle. Shop Your Way.’ is a total reinvention of our selling process,” said Ashley Barnes, senior marketing manager for Shaw Floors hard surface. “By tapping into the aspect of our customers lives that matter most to them, we can help find their perfect flooring more quickly, effectively and with a little added fun.”

“Not only does this system make product selection easier for consumers, it also makes it easier for retailers and dealers,” shared Stephen Van Gorp, senior marketing manager for Shaw Floors soft surface. “These three lifestyles help to pinpoint a consumer’s needs and wants right out of the gate, allowing you to go straight to the fun part of selecting styles and colors, knowing that any options will serve as a solution to their home lifestyle needs.”

The company also updated its Anso Colorwall display in 2023. The carpet merchandising system, which has been in use for more than 20 years, is available exclusively to Shaw Flooring Network (SFN) retailers. The time-tested display is a showroom focal point and remains a pillar of Shaw’s residential soft surface portfolio. The Shaw team consulted specialty retailers of all sizes from across the country in an intentional effort to maintain a customer-centric approach to the Anso Colorwall.

updated SmartStrand Color Wall

Mohawk updated the SmartStrand Color Wall merchandising system to simplify the consumer choice. Photo: Mohawk. 

Mohawk updated the SmartStrand Color Wall merchandising system. Designed to elevate the overall shopping experience, Mohawk’s SmartStrand Color Wall will inspire consumers to easily shop and confidently select a color and comfort level for their home.

“With a reputation for being extraordinarily clean, exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly, SmartStrand has been installed in more than 11 million homes,“ said Denise Silbert, Mohawk’s vice president of marketing, soft surface. “Along with all the innovation and consumer research that went into the development of the Color Wall Destination, we are introducing the largest number of new SmartStrand styles in over three years.”  

The new styles featured on the Color Wall include colorations and designs that complement the extraordinary performance that both customers and consumers have grown to trust. Ideal for sales associates, the brand-new Color Wall Destination provides a compelling selling experience to consumers that allows them to confidently select color and comfort across a range of price points.  

“For RSAs, the Color Wall is an innovative way to get shoppers back to carpet,” said Thomas Kilgore, Mohawk’s senior product director, soft surface. “The Color Wall will reinvigorate sales as it effectively showcases that, with SmartStrand, consumers can have it all. SmartStrand proves that there is no need to settle when it comes to color, softness or durability.”  

In addition, Mohawk is introducing impactful marketing campaigns designed to drive consumers in store by showcasing SmartStrand’s industry-leading performance attributes while enhancing its design story and amplifying the benefits of All Pet Protection & Warranty.

“Through elevating our ‘Fashion Meets Performance’ story, that pulls together styles with visual interest from across our portfolios, we are giving our retail partners the ability to capture consumers’ interest online,” explained Silbert. “They will continue their shopping journey in store where they can shop the Color Wall to make quick purchase decisions with the help of an RSA.”