Bonitz Inc., headquartered in Concord North Carolina, announces a company rebrand with a new dynamic logo, focusing on four key services. The long-time leader in commercial subcontracting services has 14 locations across the Southeast and has built its reputation in the flooring and ceiling industry. However, over the past decade the company has been expanding into other areas of commercial subcontracting, namely, custom wall and cladding systems. The rebranding will position the company as the premier “full-service” commercial subcontractor in the Southeast. 

“Bonitz continues to set the standard in the flooring and ceiling business and over the past few years, with a renewed focus on our Specialty business, Bonitz has evolved into a Specialty Trade Commercial Contractor,” said Pete Larmore, CEO. “Today, we are a full-service provider offering innovative solutions in flooring, ceilings, walls, and cladding systems. As we are growing and the business is expanding, we felt it was important to look at our brand, who we are and what we do, and to reposition our brand, to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to drive brand loyalty.” 

"We’ve led the southeast in the flooring and ceiling arenas – but we were finding that some of our customers still view us only as the flooring specialists,” said Dan Tilley, SVP, Sales. “We accept our leadership in the flooring business but today we offer solutions in flooring, ceiling, walls, and cladding systems. This rebranding captures who we are today and leaves the door open for future opportunities down the road.” 

“The movement to expand the company’s areas of expertise has allowed Bonitz to bid on multiple jobs within a project.  “It was a natural migration because we’re already on the site, and we understand the challenges of the job.  We have made it our business to offer solutions in various aspects of a project, so our customers don’t have to look in multiple directions,” said Ron Lutwiller, SVP, Operations. 

“This is a crucial step in rebuilding our competitive advantage in the marketplace, but it will not be the only one. Bonitz is a strong brand and as we continue to deliver exceptional services to our clients, we will continue to find innovative ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition and showcase the value we bring to the table,” said Manasseh Bewry, CITO and Head of Marketing. 

“We’re making it an event,” said Peggy Glassman, Marketing Manager. “Our associates in all 14 locations are a part of the launch and they can expect new t-shirts featuring our new logo and will be included in a week full of surprises including a new intranet, a social media blitz, ads in publications, and more.”

“We are Specialty Trade Commercial Contractors and we design and install custom flooring, walls, ceilings and cladding,” said Pete Larmore, CEO.  “We are excited about this rebrand which showcases our commitment to excellence in these four key areas.” We believe that this will help us to continue to grow and expand our business, while maintaining our focus on providing the best possible service to our clients."

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