I jumped head-first into the flooring industry in March of 2023, and what better way to get submerged in all there is to offer at Coverings.

Leading up to the show, to say I was nervous was an understatement. Being a newbie in the industry, I was intimidated by my measly month of experience in the flooring industry. That quickly turned around the minute I walked through the show. The number of friendly faces and unique products I saw were overwhelming.

It’s hard to comprehend the amount of variety in not only the plethora of trending styles, but the innovative products that make flooring installation what it is today. Technology has come such a far way in many more aspects than I even imagined.

One trending topic that stuck out to me was the importance of sustainability in many of these collections. It’s easy to overlook the amount of harmful waste that negatively impacts the environment, community or society as a whole. That’s why companies in the flooring industry make it a point to lower its carbon footprint in multiple ways. From the durable life cycle of tile to the reuse of materials, many booths explained the importance. 

crossville coverings1.jpgCrossville promoted the sustainability of tile. Photo: Floor Trends


“As we learn and grow, our sights are set on reducing the carbon footprint of all our manufactured products, and as we make further changes to our manufacturing process, the less we will need to rely on carbon offsets to do the good we know is possible,” said Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s VP of marketing.

allison eden1.jpgColor, pattern were on full display at Coverings 2023. Photo: Floor Trends

Another trending topic that caught my eye on the design aspect is bright colors and botanicals. Allison Eden of Allison Eden Studios took that concept and ran with it at her booth this year. Based out of New York City, her collections embody Pop Art, fashion and bright colors. “Your home needs to be positive. People want to live in a place that is happy.”

Colors aren’t only trending in tile and stone, but also in grout. Mapei announced “The Sound of Color,” six new grout color collections featuring 12 new colors. Matching your grout to your floor covering or even adding a pop of color creates a unique characteristic to define a space.

Coverings 2023 was definitely an experience I won’t forget. With flooring trends constantly changing and growing, I’m excited to see what next year’s show has in store for the flooring industry.

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