HMTX Industries announced the promotion of Lin Gao to Director, Global Sustainability & Quality Assurance.

In his new role, Gao is responsible for overseeing the global product testing program, ensuring that testing and sustainability initiatives including those related to global certifications and labels are managed consistently and seamlessly. Serving as a testing and quality assurance expert for all global divisions and brands, he ensures that all HMTX products meet current specifications, safety, and performance standards worldwide.

Gao came to HMTX with a wealth of experience from large multinational corporations in the areas of sustainability, quality management, and supply chain management and compliance, as well as having an impressive educational career in both business and materials science. 

“For more than four years, Lin has utilized his extensive knowledge and education, excelling in his previous role as Sustainability & Quality Assurance Manager, which has awarded him this well-deserved promotion," said Rochelle Routman, HMTX’s Chief Sustainability & Impact Officer. "His passion for more efficient processes and his supportive nature towards his team members are qualities that will greatly serve Lin, our Sustainability, Transparency, Impact and Community (STIC) team, and HMTX Industries well into the future.”

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