Beauflor US announces new product introductions. In August 2023, Beauflor will be launching three new SPC collections into the marketplace. This includes Innovious Hues, Curio and Perceptions.

These new introductions have been designed to provide value, beauty, style, comfort and durability. Beauflor has curated these collections based on the latest color and design trends, from classic wood tones to modern hues.

In developing these new products, Beauflor has also innovated for ease of installation, maintenance, and walkability, so your floor goes down easy and stays that way. Easy to clean. Easy to maintain. Easy to live on. And easy to match with any home’s style- or lifestyle.

New Collections:

Innovious Hues

This versatile, nature-inspired SPC collection comes in white oak and hickory patterned planks in a variety of designs and modern colorways. From traditional wood grain patterns with cathedrals to more subtle textures, Innovious Hues delivers on-trend design at an extraordinary value.

Innovious Hues Details:

  • 8 SKUS
  • Plank Size: 7” x 48”
  • Thickness: 5 mm (4mm + 1mm pad)
  • Wear Layer: 12 mil
  • Bevel: Micro
  • Emboss: Wood Emboss
  • Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Innovious Curio

Bold and stylish, the vibrant Innovious Curio collection features enhanced durability and premium wood grain details in an SPC construction. Minimalist elm styles offer clean lines and delicate color-play between planks, while our traditional pine design, paired with a modern color palette and light variations between planks, adds tasteful drama.

Innovious Curio Details:

  • 12 SKUS
  • Plank Size: 7” x 59”
  • Thickness: 6 mm (5mm + 1mm pad)
  • Wear Layer: 20 mil
  • Bevel: Painted
  • Emboss: Emboss-In-Register (EIR)
  • Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Innovious Perceptions

Sleek and sophisticated, the Innovious Perceptions collection combines classic European elegance and modern design, for a clean and luxurious look. These high functioning, long lasting SPC floors are easy on the eyes and easy underfoot, with a variety of stunning styles to match any high-end aesthetic.

Innovious Perceptions Details:

  • 10 SKUS
  • Plank Size: 9” x 59”
  • Thickness: 6 mm (5mm + 1mm pad)
  • Wear Layer: 22 mil
  • Bevel: Painted
  • Emboss: Emboss-In-Register (EIR)
  • Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Innovative New Merchandising

Beauflor has developed an innovative “Tower Display” for the Innovious collections. This unique tower has a smaller footprint and makes it much easier for retailers and customers to browse through the new products. It is also an interactive tool- customers can remove a display board and slide it into a room scene to see how the product will look.