TikTok has been a game changer in the world of social media. From viral dance videos to silly filters, there are infinite ways to explore the platform. But how is TikTok helping businesses in the flooring industry? More than you would think. 

TikTok is a short-form video platform consisting of user-submitted videos ranging from three seconds to 10 minutes. Since the launch of the platform, it has gained global popularity with more than 1 billion users monthly worldwide. The platform has evolved into a creative way to showcase businesses, no matter how niche the audience.

A recent poll on the Floor Covering Installer and Floor Trends LinkedIn pages asked the industry how many followers use TikTok for their flooring business. On the installation side, only 5% answered yes—95% no. On the retailer side, 85% of users answered no and 15% yes. We spoke with some users of the app about how TikTok has enhanced their business.

“I’m not using TikTok to gain work, I’m using it more of a network, to network with other guys that do hardwood,” said Josh Hansman, owner of 50grit Flooring (@50grit on TikTok) in Loveland, Ohio. 

Hansman uses his platform to show his viewers progression videos of his projects. His goal is to display the work that happens in the middle, rather than before and after. He wants to show people how much work goes into these projects and how it’s done. 

 From sharing impressive projects to announcing new product— and even networking with likeminded individuals—there are multiple advantages the platform can bring the industry. One of these advantages in using TikTok is connecting to the next generation of consumers. The majority of people in the flooring industry are over 40 years old, while the average TikTok user’s age is under 40.

“My clients who hire me to install tile may not be on the platform, but their kids who will be in the next five years or so are, so it's important to always be aware of other outlets to share your creativity,” said Ken Ballin, owner of Skyro Floors (@skyrofloors on TikTok) in West Creek, New Jersey.

Ballin initially started using TikTok to edit short videos to share on Instagram, but now he enjoys posting and interacting with others. 

@grain_lyfe Sorry my videos are longer, but i like to do “start to finish” videos of the work we do. #hardwood #is #life #fyp ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono - moshimo sound design

Aaron Sheaves, owner of Sheaves Floors, (@grain_lyfe on TikTok) in Weyers Cave, Virginia, similarly never intended the platform to promote his business, but it started to transition to that after making short videos and demonstrating installation tools, tips and tricks. 

“I had [TikTok influencer] @mattfixxit start following me and he messaged me and told me to try and start doing videos with voice overs and explain what I'm doing. Then I figured, what the heck, why not? He has a big account and he is verified on TikTok, so I took his advice and gave it a shot,” Sheaves said. “For about a year now, my videos have been much longer, and I try to do a brief video on the entire job from start to finish.”

TikTok can help those in the flooring business in multiple ways. It may seem intimidating to start fresh on a new app, but once you establish your desired audience, you could surely bring in a lot of business. Sheaves said he landed two large jobs this year from posting videos on TikTok. 

“I popped up on their For You Page, and by them seeing one video, I got work from it,” he said. “In the two jobs alone that I have gotten off TikTok so far this year have totaled in over $50k on just two sanding and refinishing jobs.”

Growing a large audience on TikTok may not happen overnight, but finding videos that are engaging to your target audience is a start. 

“You have to find what works for you to draw your audience in,” Sheaves said. “Not only do you have to catch the audience's attention quickly, you have to be able to keep them entertained and engaged to watch the entire video. If you can constantly do that on videos that you post, the bigger you will become on that app.”