PARABOND’s Intelligent Flooring System provides total protection in one easy step.

IFS is the Intelligent Choice for installing wood flooring in every situation, both solids and engineered. Intelligent Flooring System will improve the quality and provide features and benefits that no other installation system can offer.  IFS will improve the quality of the installation of ANY wood floor, ANYWHERE!

IFS provides warranted sub-floor moisture protection wherever solid or engineered wood flooring is installed on a level concrete sub-floor, eliminating the need to install a trowel-on moisture barrier (MS Polymer or Moisture Cure Urethane). Both IFS formulas provide greater warranted moisture protection than the MS Polymer or Urethane barriers. Additionally, the acoustical characteristics of IFS will reduce foot traffic and impact noise within a room and room-to-room on the same level.

Intelligent Flooring System Replaces and outperforms BOTH of these common Installation Systems… In half the time at about half the cost.

IFS will provide a high-level sound reduction to the lower level in two-story construction where wood flooring is installed. IFS significantly reduces the “impact” noise from above, creating a quieter, and more pleasant environment.  

IFS eliminates the need for acoustical barriers in multi-level condominium  projects.  Typically multi-level projects specify an acoustical barrier be installed between the sub-floor and the wood flooring for sound control purposes. These barrier systems typically consist of gluing down either a foam, cork or rubber type sheet to the sub-floor, then gluing the wood to the acoustical barrier. IFS adheres the wood flooring to the sub-floor AND provides greater sound reduction than almost any “acoustical” barrier system on the market today.

IFS will solve the “complaints” with floating wood floors.  Floating wood floors notoriously have an annoying loud hollow sound from foot traffic, even with the expensive pads installed underneath them. Don’t “float” wood floors, install with IFS, and eliminate the noise, and provide unmatched sub-floor moisture protection, in one easy step.

Intelligent Flooring System Replaces and outperforms BOTH of these common Installation Systems… In half the time at about half the cost.

Staple-down wood floors “squeak” and “pop” from the movement of the staples or cleats. IFS solves this problem, while providing premium moisture protection for the wood and quality sound reduction for the next level underneath.

IFS provides premium moisture protection for ¾” solid shorts and parquet, herringbone patterns, glued to concrete sub-floors, in one easy step.

Simply gluing down an expensive wood floor, of any type, no longer makes sense!  The installed cost of IFS is only pennies more than an old traditional glue–down installation. Traditional glue-down installations offer NO protection for the wood flooring and NO value to the consumer, except sticking the wood to the sub-floor. Never before has a wood installation product offered so much value in a simple one-step installation system!