Metrolina Regional Scholar’s Academy

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Metrolina Regional Scholar’s Academy opened its doors in September 2000 as a charter school for highly gifted children.   Previously a call center, the vacant building was purchased by the Academy for its central location.  In this new location, they desired a sustainable story, easy maintenance and fun colors.  The design team at Little and Associates turned to Johnsonite® for solutions.

“There was a color/design intent that had many shades of color in order to color-coordinate the grades in the long classrooms,” said Carrie L. Estock, IIDS LEED ID+C designer with Little and Associates.  “With Johnsonite, I was able to maintain the bright colors.  The pattern on the Circulinity™ tiles were very unusual and helped break up a large space and give it a carpeted look.”

They used Johnsonite rubber tiles throughout the facility, incorporating various surface textures and colors to make the flooring look different in larger areas. “We were able to integrate, Mesto™, Hammered and Circulinity as well as stair treads into one cohesive floor,” said Estock.

“We chose this flooring because we are trying to support a strong environmental ethic for our school community. The idea of not stripping with chemicals and waxing and other unpleasant products was a major determining factor in our selection of the flooring,” adds Peine.

Several informal areas with tiles representing chess/checkerboards and other color combinations were also incorporated into the renovation.  The result is a bright, coordinated facility with an overall inclusive feeling. “Everyone is happy to be in this new building,” said Marie E. Peine, Ph.D., director of the Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy.  “Some areas are done in different color groups and/or floor types – the common area, the gym, and the art room.  But it all fits together.”  

The Mesto™, Hammered and Circulinity™ rubber tile lines are part of the integrated Johnsonite® flooring system, which includes rubber, linoleum, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, stairwell solutions, finishing borders and transitions.  For more than 100 years, Johnsonite has been a leading provider of innovative flooring solutions that integrate function, design, life safety, and sustainability to enhance productivity in commercial spaces.  The Johnsonite brand is committed to providing solutions that balance each component of the triple bottom line: people, the environment and economics.  For more information, please visit   Follow Johnsonite online via Twitter, @Johnsonite, and on Facebook,