Mohawk Flooring reached social media stardom when its License to Spill Twitter Party trended on both a national and global level, which means more Twitter users were talking about the campaign than any other topic. Capitalizing on its successful “License to Spill” national tour featuring SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet, Mohawk worked with prominent online bloggers to host an equally successful #LicenseToSpill Twitter party.

“We received almost 3,000 tweets in just one hour during our #LicenseToSpill Twitter party,” said Elise Demboski, vice president of creative services for Mohawk. “In fact, #LicenseToSpill trended at the top of the list both nationally and wordwide—just below the Star Trek Movie, which was a paid promotional position. We registered over six million impressions, which is a huge accomplishment.”

The online social event featured fun facts about SmartStrand, lively conversation, firsthand testimonies and VISA gift card giveaways for participants. Mohawk’s exclusive online event invited Twitter users to follow the hosts and tweet questions about SmartStrand as well as personal experiences with the carpet. “It was a lot of fun answering all the questions and sharing exciting information about SmartStrand with everyone who participated,” said Demboski. “Our brand team’s high level of engagement with consumers throughout this entire campaign has been phenomenal and has had an enormous impact on the success of the License to Spill events.”

People wanted to know if SmartStrand could handle their everyday stain challenges—everything from baby food fiascos and muddy paws to dirty cleats—and were constantly amazed at SmartStrand’s ability to clean up so easily. Everyone who registered for the party was eligible to win a $50 or $100 VISA gift card, and four lucky participants walked away with prizes.

 “Mohawk is proud to lead the way in social media initiatives that consistently help increase consumer brand awareness and drive store traffic,” Demboski said. “License to Spill and our other ongoing promotions are supported through integration of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for maximum consumer exposure. Our retailers add their own posts and photos of local events, bloggers share their ideas and experiences and the excitement and interest in Mohawk products just continues to build.”

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