The WFCA and MDNVAFCA are sponsoring a seminar focusing on enhancing the customer experience to grow your bottom line. 

Customer experience is the independent retailer’s key point of differentiation.  It is not just a business strategy, it’s a survival skill.  

This customer experience program will provide you with a hands-on roadmap to develop a customer strategy that can be implemented within your business that delivers tangible results. Topics covered will include insights from focus group research, understanding women and their shopping process, and how technology has changed the shopping experience.

This interactive session , “There is Only One Boss….the Customer.  A Practical Guide to Designing a Positive Customer Experience at Every Touch Point”, will give you the 10 Key Steps through the touch points to develop your own unique customer experience.  You will also go away with a detailed action plan that will guide you through the process, complete with questionnaires, surveys and check-lists.  You will learn:   

        How a “customer experience” strategy becomes your sustainable competitive advantage

        About the increased return from customer loyalty

        Why word of mouth is 99 times more powerful than any advertising and saves marketing dollars

        Learn how to grow real loyalty with both your people and your customers

        Be given the opportunity to evaluate key aspects of your business

        Measure your current Customer Experience against customer expectations

Presenters Tony King and Kathryn Baird are from Torus Marketing, a full-service marketing communications firm based in Sacramento, California, offering an extensive assortment of solutions for the WFCA.  Torus Marketing offers expertise in providing guidance in creating relevant and engaging strategies that resonate with women consumers within the framework of the brand experience.

When:  November 13th, 2013  11:00 - 3:00

Where:  Piero's Corner Italian Restaurant - 9959 Main Street Fairfax, VA 22031

Cost:  Sponsored for all MDNVAFCA Members

To Register or for more information, contact Michelle Goshorn at