As part of Mohawk's social media and digital communication strategy, the company is distributing digital content in the form of customized online campaigns and promotions directly to retailers for use on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Over the course of a multi-year partnership with digital platform provider Promoboxx, Mohawk has empowered its retailers to take their social media to the next level, according to the company.

According to Mohawk, the retailer response to the social media platform has reached unprecedented levels of participation and acclaim. Currently, over 70% of Mohawk’s retail partners are actively participating in the platform, which has extended the company’s digital reach by over a million consumer impressions. Those Mohawk retailers are experiencing a 22% increase in consumer leads. 

mohawk social media
Mohawk is distributing digital content in the form of customized online campaigns and promotions directly to retailers for use on social networks.

“When it comes to social media marketing, Mohawk is a clear industry leader. Using this brand-to-retailer social media marketing platform, we are able to deliver high-quality content and provide customized support to our retail partners,” explained David Duncan, Mohawk’s senior vice president of marketing. “Our retailers are using this tool to populate their social channels and are seeing increases in reach, engagement and, most importantly, revenue.”

Justin Atcheson of Atlanta-based Builders Floor Covering & Tile says he is seeing increased social engagement and in-store traffic as a result of his stores’ involvement in the platform. “We have experienced a 67% growth in our social audience and a marked increase in sales since implementing Facebook content through Mohawk’s social media platform. This tool makes digital marketing easy.”

Until now, Tina Yeager of Seestedt’s Carpet in Saint Paul, Minn., explains that she simply has not had the time nor the manpower to manage online marketing efforts. “I've always struggled to find good content to promote on social channels. This tool offers me the ability to choose, customize and post content to all of my social media pages. The best part? It only takes me a few minutes each month. When I’m ready to see how my content is performing, I can view charts and graphs of engagement levels, campaign views, social shares and lead counts. It’s like having my own digital agency.” 

By providing this tool to retailers across the country, Mohawk has achieved more retailer participation and consumer leads than any previous co-marketing effort, according to the company.

“Mohawk is constantly innovating to provide the absolute best tools for our retailer partners,” said Mollie Surratt, Mohawk’s senior director of public relations and content. “To be competitive in today’s marketplace, it is incredibly important for our retailers to have a robust social media presence. We have invested in this platform to provide them with fresh and relevant content that helps drive foot traffic directly into their stores.” 

In October, Mohawk University will host a Webinar covering the ground rules of the social media landscape as well as the critical pieces necessary for retailers to be successful in digital communication. To learn more about the Webinar, or for tips on social media marketing practices, visit

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