Calhoun, Ga. -- With over 10 million residential floors installed each year, Mohawk continues to harness the power of connection and capture the over 6 million consumer visits to the Mohawk-branded websites each year by integrating brand equity to digital assets. Mohawk’s digital solutions provide maximum simplicity for consumers as well as enhance the best-in-class Omnify platform for the retailer-branded experience.

“The way consumers shop today has completely transformed,” said Kevin Wildes, vice president of digital experience. “Historically, marketing has been more of a speech; now, marketing is a conversation. Having the ability to seamlessly move consumers back and forth across different devices, while also being able to communicate with them, is essential. We have focused our efforts on improving the users’ ability to find the perfect product and retailer quickly, and we start with mobile digital solutions as the primary driver for facilitating this conversation whenever and wherever consumers are.”

To assist these goals, all primary Mohawk websites have been redesigned to simplify consumers’ ability to find the exact product they need and the best retailer to complete their purchase. The redesigns place a major emphasis on reducing the number of clicks to purchase point and dealer location and on delivering qualified leads to retailers as soon as possible.

New website assets include a simplified but enhanced affiliation with the most loyal and highest potential retailers as well as unprecedented access and partnership for retailers to capitalize on Mohawk brand equity. To further bridge the experience from digital to in-store, Mohawk has also enhanced the sample ordering process in an effort to more tightly integrate company brands with the most influential retailers.

Of the 70,000 highly qualified leads that are generated from all of Mohawk’s combined digital platforms, 40% of these leads are driven by Omnify-enabled retailer websites. These websites have proven to be powerful in driving leads as a result of providing retail partners with highly effective sales enablement tools that allow for timelier follow-up and follow-through with local customers who are actively in the market for flooring.

“Omnify is now wholly integrated through our digital control panel using the Hub, for lead management; the Grid, which allows you to share product content across channels; the Drive, which automates and optimizes campaigns; and the Dash, to track results,” said Wildes.

Each Omnify partner has a dedicated Omnify account rep, always delivering feedback on how to further optimize the ROI for that store’s local market. Combined with this feedback, Omnify has increased the amount of valuable content distributed throughout the year, diversified messaging, expanded campaign integration and launched the new VIEW visualizer. The cutting-edge VIEW technology allows consumers to photograph a room in their home, choose a Mohawk product straight from the dealer’s website, visually integrate it into their own room scene and be taken directly to the purchase process, whether in the home or the Omnify partner’s showroom.

“There’s nothing more powerful than for a consumer to see how a product will look specifically in her home, which is what makes VIEW so revolutionary, and that technology will only continue to get better,” Wildes said.

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