Following Mohawk’s successful spring 2019 nationwide launch of Pergo Extreme Rigid LVT in specialty retail, the new year will see a focused expansion of Pergo Extreme assets and an enhanced Go Life ad campaign to demonstrate the product line’s superior performance.

With an extensive collection of 60 designs, including higher-end wood and stone visuals, Pergo Extreme has resonated with homeowners looking for floors that are 100% dent proof, waterproof, kid proof and pet proof with a Lifetime Warranty. Now, the High Performance Runs Deep tagline will receive brand-new visual marketing tools aimed for an even greater connection with active households.

“The Go Life campaign was designed for a long shelf life because it allows us to build it out over an extended period of time,”explained Seth Arnold, vice president of residential marketing. “Even though the campaign has longevity, we can appropriately refresh it with new, engaging video and photo assets. That’s the benefit of having a timeless message that’s relatable to consumers."

On the heels of a high-profile FOX & Friends television segment with host Skip Bedell highlighting a spectacular basement renovation using Pergo Extreme, the new campaign updates will help demonstrate that Pergo Extreme luxury rigid vinyl can take any room to the next level.

“It’s absolutely imperative for us to showcase how Pergo Extreme really does epitomize High Performance Runs Deep for homeowners who want true worry-free living when making family memories,” said Ed Sanchez, vice president of product management. “We have an award-winning team that’s created incredible, realistic scenes like birthday parties, indoor dance recitals and kids trying out new toys. There’s excitement, color and life,and it’s all happening on Pergo Extreme."

Exclusively offered to Mohawk Edge partners, Pergo Extreme is also bolstered by Mohawk marketing programs including Neighborhood Ad Manager, Five Star and Omnify. For more information on Pergo Extreme, visit or speak to your local Mohawk sales representative.